Urgent Delivery to Great Britain

A test period of a simulator was expiring, and the simulator had to be returned to the manufacturer to prevent considerable sanctions.

Simulator quickly back to manufacturer

We were informed that a simulator had to be urgently returned to Great Britain. The test period was expiring, and sanctions for over-time were considerably high.

Our customer required the following:

  • Urgent delivery

23 hours from the 1st contact to the delivery

We immediately contacted Deflog, who has successfully handled similar shipments. Because of the location of the simulator, we needed urgent loading and delivery to terminal for repacking to air freight.

Our partner prepared all necessary documents and permits. After first contact, it took roughly 23 hours until the simulator was back at the manufacturer in Great Britain. The status of delivery was reported to several parties on a regular basis.

The professionalism and personal approach of Deflog ensured the speedy pick-up and final shipping to the manufacturer.

Results and benefits:

  • Urgent delivery completed on time
  • Status reporting to all parties
  • Considerable sanctions were avoided